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Barbecue Accessories

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Barbecue Accessories

Barbecue accessories including barbecue covers, stainless steel steak grills, fish grills, charcoal and wood braziers, rotisserie spits, electric rotisserie kits and dripping pans are all located in this section of the site. You will also find stainless steel skewers, tool sets and cleaning equipment in our bbq tools section. Our barbecue tools and accessories are delivered throughout the UK.

Barbecue Accessories – click here for UK delivery information

Barbecue Covers

A barbecue cover is an important accessory to extend the life of your bbq. Useful for all types including masonry, stone, gas and brick bbqs a cover will help protect from the elements. We stock barbecue covers in two sizes, which are suitable for most of the barbecues in our range. The only models that they won't fit are those designed with a built in side table.

Stainless Steel Steak Grills

Available in three sizes, these grills will enable you to cook the perfect steak every time. Long lasting and easy to clean they are designed with a built-in dripping tray, which catches fats. Suitable for all types of barbecue. All grills come with wooden handles.

Chromium Plated Grill

Grill available in three sizes and suitable for all types of barbecue.

Combined Stainless Steel Steak Grill

This grill is a combination of grill and stainless steel griddle with wooden handles. For example vegetables like tomatoes can be grilled on the stainless steel griddle whilst at the same time sausages and steaks can be grilled beside it. This combined grill is available in one size.

Double Fish Grill

Perfect for cooking delicate fish, this barbecue basket will keep your food in pristine condition and enable easy turning. Designed with a long handle made from wood so you don’t burn your hands, the fish sites neatly inside the metal casing.

Double Plated Grill

Also known as a barbecue basket, the double plated grill allows you to group together small or fragile food items such as burgers, sausages, prawns, vegetables, steaks and chicken and turn with one easy movement. No more losing precious items into the barbecue flames! Designed with a long wooden handle, our barbecue baskets are available in three sizes.

Gas Conversion Kit for Masonry Barbecues

Perfect for when you are in a hurry, the gas conversion kit provides a gas fired cooking area of 48cm x 48cm. The kit comes complete with 2 burners; grill and lava rock and is equipped with weatherproof lid. A Regulator and gas pipe are not included. The gas kit can easily be removed to give the barbecue the choice between charcoal or gas cooking.

Charcoal Brazier

Mainly used in conjunction with a dripping pan and rotisserie spit. The charcoal is lit in the brazier, so that the heat comes from the back.

Wood Brazier

This is also used in conjunction with a dripping pan and rotisserie spit. It can also be used to fire logs to serve as a patio heater after the food is cooked.

Easy Fire System

The Easy Fire System is an innovative solution for the easy lighting of charcoal. Through its many air holes it is designed to allow a continuous airflow under the charcoal.

Soapstone With Frame

Coming from the continent, this accessory is heated up on the barbecue and can then be carried to the serving area to grill steaks directly on the table.

Rotisserie Spits

We offer two types of rotisserie spits, battery powered and electric powered. Ideal for barbecuing whole chickens and other birds, they rotate the meat slowly, grilling it evenly on all sides. All spits come complete with clamps.

Barbecue Accessories – click here for UK delivery information