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Wood Burning Ovens | Pizza Ovens | Outside Ovens

Wood burning ovens are outside cooking ovens that are fuelled with wood. They can be used to cook meat, fish, pizza, bread, roasts, casserole dishes and cakes and give food a wonderful wood-smoked flavour. Also known as pizza ovens and outside ovens, they have been recently made popular through famous celebrity chefs such as Jamie Oliver and James Martin.

Aside from the wonderful flavours created through cooking in a wood-burning oven, there are other benefits to this method of cooking. Cooking with wood fire produces exceptional results in terms of perfect cooking of your food. Also baking in this way is healthier too due to the high calorific power generated by the wood fire. This dramatically reduces fat levels in the food compared to normal kitchen ovens.

A wood burning oven will make an attractive addition to your outside entertaining space and will help to get you outside in the garden more. It also offers an economical method of cooking, due to the limited wood consumption, using at least ten times less energy than a standard gas or electric cooker.

The Big K wood-burning ovens are fabricated from sheet steel, and electro-zync and laquer coated to provide total protection from outdoor conditions. So a shaded spot is not necessary, as your oven will be totally protected from rust.

Practical and functional, the designs separate the cooking area from the burning area to allow full space for cooking. The ovens have stainless steel side panels, which can be removed easily for cleaning in your dishwasher.

They feature double air-ventilation, and firebricks on both the bottom and along the sides of the cooking area, which assist in heat-retention, and help to reduce the consumption of wood. There is also a vapour-exit pipe that is located in the centre of the cooking area, which guarantees efficient removal of humidity generated in the cooking process. This results in drier and crisper food.

Built according to CE standard with approval of strict German and Swiss fire regulations for kitchen ovens, our outside ovens are equipped with internal lighting, a thermometer, cooking pans, a timer, grills, and fire tools.

Wood burning ovens – click here for delivery information

Siting Your Woodburning Oven

The best place to position your wood-burning oven is on a patio, close to your BBQ entertainment area and preferably not below a window. It will require a mains connection for the inside ventilator.

Cooking Times and Temperatures

Temperatures in a wood-burning oven reach up to 450 degrees, which is much higher than a standard kitchen oven. This speeds up the cooking process and enables pizza and bread to be cooked in a traditional way.

Quick baking creates a thin, crispy crust and nice toppings, with a soft middle! Also the high temperature produces flavours that can’t be achieved through slow cooking.