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Big K Products

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Barbecue Cover

  • CCOV01:
    Small Cover: 120 x 80, H. 224 cm
    Suitable for the following models: Alicante, Chicago, Dallas, Florida, Tenere, Touareg
  • Tarragona, York (single BBQ only)
  • CCOV02:
    Large Cover: 164 x 92, H. 240 cm
    Suitable for the following models: Algeri, Boavista, Calgary, Colorado, Martinica, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver
  • CCOV03:
    BBQ with side table Cover: 220 x 92, H. 220 cm
    Suitable for the following models: Avignone, Congo, Dubai, Granada
  • Tarragona, York (with side tables only)
  • CCOV04:
    BBQ with 2 side tables Cover: 250 x 92, H. 220 cm
    Suitable for any BBQ combination with 2 side tables
  • CCOV05:
  • BBQ without Chimney Cover
  • Suitable for the following models:  Lagos, Newport and Palma
Please note that covers for model America and New Jersey Crystal are not available.
* The manufacturer reserves the right to make design changes, images are for illustrative purposes only.


Our Price £ 29.95 
incl.20.00% VAT

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