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Woodburning Oven Gusto

The oven has been fabricated from stainless steel and is suitable for high temperature cooking.  The cooking area is separated from the combustion area by 3 layers of steel and bricks, allowing an even heat distribution inside the oven and is mounted on a trolley for portability.  The internal stainless steel side panels are removable to allow for easy cleaning, even in the dishwasher!
The oven is equipped with a ventilation system, electric lighting, thermometer, timer and comes complete with cooking trays, grills and fire tools. 
The Gusto wood burning oven is available in the following dimensions:

Gusto Maxi 100x65-  
External - 115cm x 138cm H. 173cm
Cooking Area- 65cm x 100 cm H. 45cm         
Weight: 490 kg

Gusto Maxi 80x65 -    
External- 115cm x 118cm H.173cm
Cooking Area- 65cm x 80cm H.45cm             
Weight: 450 kg

Gusto 100-                  
External- 105cm x 138cm H.165cm
Cooking Area- 54cm x 100xm H. 45cm           
Weight: 470 kg

Gusto 80x54-              
External- 105cm x 118cm H. 165cm  
Cooking Area- 54cm x 80cm H. 45cm            
Weight: 420 kg

Gusto 80-                    
External- 102cm x 118cm H. 158cm  
Cooking Area- 45cm x 80cm H. 42cm             
Weight: 330 kg

Gusto 57-                    
External- 102cm x 95cm H. 158cm
Cooking Area- 45cm x 57cm H. 42cm            
Weight: 280 kg


Our Price £ 3199.00 
incl.20.00% VAT

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