Cooking Guide

Cooking Guide

Cooking times and preparation hints for cooking your meat, fish and vegetables

Cooking Guide

The Marinade

Spice the meat or fish in a marinade a few hours before barbecuing. The most popular marinade consists of a mixture of oil, finely chopped garlic, sage and rosemary. Paprika, parsley, lemon or white wine can be used to add a special flavour to your marinade. These ingredients preserve the food so that the nutrient value is maintained.

Cooking Times and Heat

To regulate the heat intensity, just move the grill vertically in the fire-place slots. The heat intensity should be adjusted according to the type and thickness of the meat. It is advisable to start barbecuing, when the grill is hot. Start barbecuing with a bright flame until the surface is sealed, then continue with moderate heat. Use a spatula or tongs to turn the meat - never use a fork.

Red Meat

Steaks, burgers and kebabs. This type of meat is usually thicker and should be cooked medium or blue. Grill the meat with a bright flame for a few minutes until the meat is sealed, then remove it gradually from the fire and finish cooking with moderate heat. Use a plated grill for steaks. Salt meat when ready to be served.

White Meat

Veal, pork chops, ribs, bacon, poultry or lamb. Grill meat for a few minutes at high temperature until brown. Only add salt when ready to be served.


Fish should be cooked at moderate heat. Spray the fish with oil before and during barbecuing. It is recommended to use a fish broiler. Fillets are ready to be served when flesh separates easily from the bone. Whole fishes are ready to be served when they start flaking or the skin shows a dull colour.


For best results cut the vegetables in slices and cook slowly. A broiler is recommended for delicate vegetables, such as tomatoes or onions. Vegetables can also be cooked by wrapping the pieces into kitchen foil and laying the packets directly on the hot charcoal.


Hard cheese can be cooked directly on the grill, whereas soft cheese must be wrapped in kitchen foil or vine leaves.


Cut bread into slices 1/2 inch thick (1 cm), sprinkle with garlic and spray with oil before barbecuing to achieve the typical "Bruschetta" taste.